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All modules displayed on this page are configured with Multiple Featured Module Pro.

You can also visit the settings page at http://opencart.cuispi.com/demos/multi_featured/admin/index.php?route=module/multi_featured

Username: demo
Password: demo

To purchase the module, visit:


Simple Example

Here is a simple example with two featured product lists. You can display as many featured product lists as you want.

Random Display

Display random data. Reload data will randomly generate a new set of data. You can choose from two types of options.

  1. Display products randomly by shuffling the partial list of products controlled by limit
  2. Display products randomly by shuffling the whole product list

Customizable Title With Link

Fully editable and customizable title includes multi-language support and  a customizable link to a specific page.

In the second example, technically you can create FAKE contents like Bestsellers, Latest and Most Viewed.

Custom Template

A custom template (.tpl file) can be specified optionally. Customization will be more advanced if you can have more than one template file. You can create a new template by creating a new template from scratch, or by copying an existing template.

More Real-World Examples

This first example shows an integration of three sets of featured product lists into a tabs set.

The second one is an example for creating a carousel.

Please note that all the files for the examples shown below are included in the package but they may only work with the default theme. We can give you instructions to integrate them into your custom theme; however, we do not provide free customization service for the advanced examples listed below.

MacBook Air
MacBook Pro
Apple Cinema 30"
$119.50 $107.75

Multi-Store Support

The module supports multiple stores. See example at Store 2.

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